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"We can only service others through the internal work we do for ourselves" - CarlaSofia Veiga 

Introducing where you'll get to meet Carla and get the opportunity to work with the programs she has designed.  As you read her story you'll learn that she is a product of her own programs.  

"95% of our daily behaviors and beliefs is the output from our subconscious mind.  These behaviors and beliefs are constructed on a template that our environment provides as the skeleton to our mental framework.  We are conditioned to believe this is the path to living a life of fulfillment until we have a moment of awareness and intuitively feel change is necessary. This moment of pause allows us to sit in awareness and consciously create shifts... this is 5%.  There are tools we can use to tap into that 5% and increase the times we spend in consciousness" Carla states.


Carla has designed these programs to have simple strategic tools to help you connect the mind, body, and soul so you can create the space necessary to make  effective shifts in your life that will alter your narrative.

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"What you are seeking is seeking you" -Rumi

Your mind is a construct of your beliefs and your beliefs are conditioned by the elements that you have been absorbing through your senses since the time of conception. These beliefs weave emotions through your system; emotions that become meaningful to you after you've attached a story that is shaped by your perspective.  Some emotions increase levels of stress and anxiety in the body and the fluid interactions among systems are interrupted or come to a halt.  Energy blocks hinder growth and development for healthy cells in the body and begin to manifest illness and/or disease.  

Carla is an educator, a professional life coach, yoga and meditation teacher, Reiki Master, author, and artist. She has invested the energy to acquire the tools to help you awaken your life purpose, release energy blocks, create a life of fulfillment and live in harmony with your body, mind, and soul as you embrace divine love with a more panoramic view of the world.  

Carla will meet you where you are and through expert analysis, proactive coaching and planning she will choose a course of action tailored to your needs and goals to help you achieve a successful and fulfilling life.  You’ll soon be excelling in a way you never thought possible.

Book her for a private session, a group workshop, to speak at your next event, or for a consultation today to find the change you’ve been seeking.

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Closing the Gap

If you’re feeling stress, frustration, anxiety, defeated, stuck in a non-progressive cycle, or simply feel like learning something new about yourself, offers several programs for clients from all industries and backgrounds.  

These services are designed to support your personal and professional growth and help you come into your purpose, full potential, and talents to create the life you dream about.  

Take a look at our offerings right here to learn more.


Transformational Speaker

Superior Guidance

Invite Carla to speak at your next event to raise awareness to self in such a way that individuals leave feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to implement effective strategies that will support their purpose, passion, and talents to create the life they dream about.

Ready to get started? Click below and be the catalyst for positive change.

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Yoga & Meditation

Tailored for You

Schedule a consultation for private or group classes and/or workshops and Carla will tailor each to your needs and goals.  The program deigned will provide you with the tools to deepen your knowledge and nourish your inner workings.  

Book Carla for a Free Consultation today so you may begin the journey to connect and harmonize mind, body, and soul tomorrow.


Life & Professional Coach

Committed to Quality

All over the world, countless clients are benefiting from working with a life coach. It’s time to transform your life and work one-on-one with Carla, a skillful, personable, and professional coach that uses various tools including energetics to help her clients organize, guide, and relaunch their potential energy.  Carla will provide you with the tools you will need in order to succeed with purpose, passion, and talents, creating the social and professional life you dream about.  

Fill out your information today so tomorrow living a life of fulfillment is possible.

Reiki Treatment


Healing Energetically

Designed to support your personal and professional growth by using a holistic approach.  Carla uses energy as the conduit to remove energy blocks and improve fluidity and flow in your body.  This service will support your path on healing, improving your health, relationships, and living a more meaningful and fulfilling life.  

Ready to get started? Click below and initiate the first step in changing your narrative.

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