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"If we allow the acquisition of knowledge to be fluid without confining it to fit antiquated beliefs and dogmas then answers will reveal themselves as clear as daylight upon our lens"

- CarlaSofia Veiga

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How I got here

Upon shift, magma cooled and settled on the great blue ocean off the west coast of Africa; ten small masses (Cape Verde Islands) shaped by the curls of waves and whips of arid air birthed life and breath into my lungs.  Bare feet pedaling upon the sunkissed cobblestones took flight, leaving familiarity and the comfort of the tropics to mark my existence in the changing seasons of America.

I grew up in a large traditional family, the youngest of six children to parents that were entering middle age.  As they faced a culture clash in a new home in the western world, with the support of my older siblings, they tightened their grip around my freedom and the common answer to anything I asked was "no."  But as their eyes hovered over me I set in my mind to secure my path and never lay a burden upon their chest.   I became an observer of my environment, perked my ears with intrigue to the philosophical and political dialogue among my brothers and I grew inquisitive of my world, questioning my existence, baptism, and creating space in my heart to welcome all living organisms.  At the age of eleven, there was a breath in me that opened a door in one of the chambers of my heart to honor my truth; I made my first firm statement to my family that I have chosen to no longer consume animals.  I was met with resistance but I lengthened each vertebrae to assure my parents that they were raising a strong and responsible young lady in the inner city of Boston; where I often ran home from school to avoid being another innocent victim caught in the crossfire among neighborhood rivals, where I buried myself in books and believed the words were constructing the skeletal framework of my wings hidden beneath the skin.  I found freedom in my own breath, oxygenating an inner flame that gave me the courage to, once again, defy my parents and join after school clubs and sports.  After long hours of school and after school activities, I arrived on my doorsteps to long punitive lectures from my mother who was still tightening her grip around my wings, so tight that she was holding her own breath.  Looking back, I wish I could've simply told her it's alright to let go and breathe... "oxygenate your inner flame, mama, allow your inner world to shift in this new home because I've got me."  I could foresee then that my choices had benefits that outweighed any consequence my parents gave me so I continued to go to each meeting, practice and competition.  When I graduated high school with a GPA above 4.0 and a full scholarship, tears welled in my eyes as I felt my parents' arms loosen from around me.  Then they sprinkled words of encouragement that ignited the strength of my inner flame... "you've always been so smart, I believe in you."   

Carla is an educator, yoga and meditation teacher, Life and Professional Coach, Reiki Master, author, and artist.   She is the founder of Life Teaches Love Inspires Co.   A company that she built when she was going through the breakdown of her family.  She used gratitude and love as tools to move through her own personal challenges and adversity.  After a failed marriage, she almost fell into a depression but she was motivated by the love of her children to pull herself up by the bootstraps, where grief and disdain left her to grapple with betrayal and loss. During the separation and divorce she decided to keep the home they were raising their family in.  She knew this would be a financial strain but she reasoned with herself that staying in the home would bring comfort and some sense of normalcy to her children's lives. 

Carla began using her writing and art, as tools to not only understand her experiences but also to redesign her world.  Her children took notice of her new sense of fulfillment and began to model entrepreneurial interests, accompanying her to workshops, conferences, and vending ventures to showcase their own work (check out the picture below)

She began writing her story by becoming completely immersed in a world unlike the one she was living.  She invested in courses that would provide her opportunities to connect to a deeper sense of self.  This time around she desired something better for her family.  Her dedication led her to publish two poetry books in less than two years.  Page after page, they exude the two companions she had throughout her journey, vulnerability and love.  

Carla believes that we all have the ability to change the story we’ve been telling ourselves so we can live the life we want.  She believes the key ingredient is creating a pause button, to jump off the hamster wheel and learn to step back so you can be present as you observe your life with an honest noncritical lens.  In this pause, give yourself grace, thank the energy that was you and lay it to rest before shifting the energy in your narrative.   In her new and upcoming book, expected to be released in 2021, she will share her personal journey and strategies she has used to help her live a life of fulfillment, some of which you are getting the opportunity to sign up for in the Programs. 

Although CarlaSofia was in a brief hiatus from 2019-2020 she kept the hearts of the many people she met through her journey, close.  She has continued to build and remodel Life Teaches Love Inspires to include not only her books, art and various merchandise like clothing, jewelry, mugs, journals, etc. Now she also provides services like coaching, meditation, yoga, and reiki that give people the added tools to access their highest self.  She also continues to welcome invitations to be a speaker at your next event.  

"In that moment of pause, I got to sit with my woes and listen and feel how all of the pain in my experiences was simply seeking to be acknowledged and loved. Only then was I able to release them and move on in my life." - CarlaSofia Veiga 

Thank you to my teachers:

☀︎Nicole Burrill and Nikki Gendron

☀︎Heather DiNino

☀︎Sue Bonanno

☀︎Elizabeth Phillips 

☀︎Susan Young

☀︎Natalie Rivera and Victoria Hawkins

☀︎Sarah Roberts and Cathy Liska 

Certifications and Degrees:

☀︎ Bachelor of Science, Simmons College,1998

☀︎ Masters in Education, Simmons College, 1999 

☀︎ 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, Chakra Power Yoga, 2018

☀︎ Foundations of Inclusive Kids and Family Yoga, Breathe and Play everyday, 2019

☀︎Meditation Teacher Training, Soulspace Meditation, 2019

☀︎Reiki Level 1, Mainstream Meditation, 2019

☀︎Reiki Level 2 and 3, A Rainbow of Reiki, 2019

☀︎Art Therapy Life Coach, Transformation Services, Inc., 2019

☀︎Certified Professional Coach, Center for Coaching Certification, 2019

I am Expansive

Your new life begins here. is here to provide you with the support and tools you need in order to bring change, and reach the pinnacle of your life. Learn more by exploring the site and/or click on the button below and Book Carla now.

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Inspiring Change

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As a coaching professional and speaker, aims to deliver education, inspiration, and entertainment to a variety of audiences.  Carla strives to make every event a memorable experience, placing a large emphasis on delivering actionable content. Are you ready to make a change in your life? Book a service consultation today.

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