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It all started with a conversation and then I read a couple of pages that convinced me to purchase the book.  Page 50, My Heart, is one of my favorites.  I told you I was purchasing the book for my wife but I read it before sharing it with her.  It definitely changed my way of thinking.  I now look at life from a much clearer perspective.  For that, I thank you!

Ryan O.


Outstanding Quality

"I connected with her work as soon as I opened the book.  I was touched by 'Dear Majestic Creator.' It's the reason why I purchased Carla Veiga's book."

A spiritual soul


Inspirational and Insightful

"My mom purchased your book for me and I was amazed that I got to meet you. You're an amazing writer and a great inspiration.  It was so nice meeting you!"

Megan R.

Gratitude: Testimonials
Gratitude: Testimonials

I enjoyed reading your first book but fell in love with the second.  I can't believe I work in the same building as the author of these books.



We spoke and during that conversation I was moved by her words that tears began to fall.  I read a couple of the pages in her book and made the purchase.



The quote "I am the creator of my destiny" caught my attention and after reading the poem on the back I knew I had to purchase this tunic...I needed to see these words, daily.

A beautiful soul


When your heart is in love you also wear love on your skin

A loving couple


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"Carla created this way to deconstruct these binds... reaching more into the essence of who we are"       -Leeanne D.

"Carla is the water to our millennial"       -Venus T.

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Gratitude: Pro Gallery