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CarlaSofia Veiga
August 26, 2020 · changed the group description.

Welcome to the Phoenix group!

Throughout my life I've met so many people that want to share a glimpse of their story. Most share a moment when life was a cataclysmic failure and how they overcame the odds. These are everyday people that I sometimes meet during a train ride, individuals that simply want to be heard or seen. I often walk away in awe simply because they trusted me enough to share something so meaningful to their growth. I'm interested in creating this platform for those of you that want to connect through narration; each story when spoken or written increases in density, strengthening its ability to shift universal consciousness. Like it has been said, "In the beginning was the word," the words that created this universe. Your story has the potential to live in echoes but your silence will die with you so what story will you share of your transformation and rebirth in how the life lessons you learned came from the inspiration of love? Connect with other members by sharing your story in a video or through writing. I look forward to connecting through your story.


Welcome to the Phoenix group! Throughout my life I've met ...
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