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FSX - VoxATC 6.46 WITH CRACK: The Most Advanced ATC Add-On for FSX & Prepar3D

FSX - VoxATC 6.46 WITH CRACK: The Ultimate ATC Add-On for Flight Simulation

If you are looking for a way to enhance your flight simulation experience with realistic and interactive air traffic control, you might want to check out FSX - VoxATC 6.46 WITH CRACK. This is a powerful and innovative add-on that integrates voice recognition technology with FSX and Prepar3D, allowing you to communicate with ATC and other pilots using your own voice.


What is FSX - VoxATC 6.46 WITH CRACK?

FSX - VoxATC 6.46 WITH CRACK is the latest version of the popular VoxATC add-on, which was first released in 2006. VoxATC is the first ATC add-on for FSX and Prepar3D that has been developed with integrated voice recognition, meaning that you can use your microphone to talk to ATC and other aircraft, just like in real life.

VoxATC generates realistic and dynamic ATC based on your flight plan, weather, traffic, and airspace. You can request clearances, vectors, altitudes, frequencies, and more using standard phraseology. You can also hear other aircraft on the radio and respond to their calls. VoxATC also provides AI traffic that follows ATC instructions and interacts with you.

What are the features of FSX - VoxATC 6.46 WITH CRACK?

FSX - VoxATC 6.46 WITH CRACK comes with many features and improvements that make it the most advanced and realistic ATC add-on for flight simulation. Some of the features include:

  • Support for FSX, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3D v2, v3, v4, and v5.

  • Improved voice recognition engine that works with any headset or microphone.

  • Customizable voice sets for ATC and pilots with different accents and genders.

  • Enhanced AI traffic that follows SID/STAR procedures, holds, and go-arounds.

  • Ability to fly online with VATSIM or IVAO using VoxATC as a co-pilot.

  • Integration with third-party add-ons such as Active Sky, Ultimate Traffic, FSCaptain, and more.

  • New user interface that allows you to easily configure and manage VoxATC.

How to download FSX - VoxATC 6.46 WITH CRACK?

If you want to download FSX - VoxATC 6.46 WITH CRACK, you can find it on various torrent sites or file-sharing platforms. However, be aware that downloading cracked software is illegal and risky. You might face legal consequences or infect your computer with malware.

A better option is to buy the original version of VoxATC from the official website or authorized resellers. You can get a 30-day free trial to test the product before purchasing it. You can also get support and updates from the developers and the community.


FSX - VoxATC 6.46 WITH CRACK is a great add-on for flight simulation enthusiasts who want to experience realistic and immersive ATC communication. It adds a whole new dimension to the simulation and makes it more fun and challenging. However, downloading cracked software is not recommended as it can cause legal and technical problems. It is better to buy the original version of VoxATC and enjoy its full features and benefits.

How to install FSX - VoxATC 6.46 WITH CRACK?

If you have downloaded FSX - VoxATC 6.46 WITH CRACK from a torrent site or a file-sharing platform, you will need to follow some steps to install it on your computer. First, you will need to extract the rar file using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip. Then, you will need to run the setup.exe file and follow the instructions on the screen. You will also need to copy the crack file to the installation folder and overwrite the original file. Finally, you will need to run the VoxATC panel installer and select your simulator.

However, be careful when installing cracked software as it may contain viruses or malware that can harm your computer or steal your personal information. You may also face compatibility issues or errors when running the add-on. It is recommended that you scan the files with an antivirus program before installing them.

How to use FSX - VoxATC 6.46 WITH CRACK?

Once you have installed FSX - VoxATC 6.46 WITH CRACK, you can start using it with your flight simulator. To use VoxATC, you will need to have a microphone and a headset connected to your computer. You will also need to configure your voice settings and calibrate your microphone using the VoxATC menu. You can also customize your voice sets, traffic settings, and other options according to your preferences.

To use VoxATC in your flight simulator, you will need to load a flight plan and activate VoxATC from the add-ons menu. You will then hear a welcome message from VoxATC and see a panel with some buttons and indicators on your screen. You can use these buttons to request ATC services, change frequencies, tune radios, and more. You can also use keyboard shortcuts or voice commands to control VoxATC.

To communicate with ATC and other aircraft, you will need to use standard phraseology and speak clearly and slowly. You will hear ATC instructions and responses in your headset and see them in text form on your screen. You will need to acknowledge ATC instructions by pressing the PTT button or saying "roger" or "wilco". You will also need to follow ATC instructions and fly according to your flight plan.

What are the benefits of FSX - VoxATC 6.46 WITH CRACK?

FSX - VoxATC 6.46 WITH CRACK is not only a fun and realistic add-on for flight simulation, but also a useful tool for learning and improving your flying skills. By using VoxATC, you can practice your radio communication, navigation, and situational awareness in various scenarios and conditions. You can also learn the correct phraseology and procedures for different types of flights and airports.

VoxATC can also help you prepare for real-world flying or online flying with other human pilots. You can familiarize yourself with the ATC system and the airspace structure, as well as the rules and regulations that govern aviation. You can also test your knowledge and proficiency by flying complex routes and challenging approaches.

What are the drawbacks of FSX - VoxATC 6.46 WITH CRACK?

FSX - VoxATC 6.46 WITH CRACK is not a perfect add-on and it has some limitations and drawbacks that you should be aware of. Some of the drawbacks include:

  • The voice recognition engine may not always understand your speech or accent, especially if you have a strong or non-standard accent. You may need to repeat or rephrase your words or use the text input option.

  • The ATC system may not always be accurate or realistic, especially for some regions or countries that have different ATC procedures or phraseology. You may encounter some errors or inconsistencies in the ATC instructions or responses.

  • The AI traffic may not always behave realistically or follow the same rules as you. You may see some traffic that does not follow ATC instructions, flies erratically, or causes conflicts or collisions.

  • The add-on may cause some performance issues or conflicts with your flight simulator or other add-ons. You may experience some lag, stuttering, or crashes when using VoxATC.



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