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[S2E8] Man City [PATCHED]

Regardless of Barry's cover story, he does prove to be rather useful in tracking down Cyrus, and in providing Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) a love interest that is not the brooding and secretive Oliver Queen. While there's been talk of character crossovers between Arrow and The Flash, it remains to be seen how Barry's heroic transformation from hyperactive and laughably late nerd to the world's fastest speedster might complicate a romantic relationship between him and Felicity. And speaking of heroic transformations, the episode closes with Oliver practically dead at the hands of Cyrus, but also having been injected with what appeared to be samples of the serum. Is Arrow going to get the much-needed bump in super-powers that he would need to take down the likes of Cyrus and keep pace with heroes like The Flash? Time will tell!

[S2E8] Man City



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