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скачать Great Battles Of Hannibal

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As mighty Julius Caesar. Control of Rome and its hard-won provinces balances on the point of a spear. As Julius Caesar, you can cross the Rubicon and lead your troops to Rome and the supreme power. Or, as Pompey the Great, Marius, Sulla, or any other of their subordinates, you might just defeat mighty Caesar and reshape history. Either way, the prize of the greatest nation on Earth is yours to conquer. Or to lose. Everything is up to you and your tactical skill in this remarkable anthology of classic turn-based wargames. They rarely make strategy games like these nowadays!

Hannibal (c. 247- 183 BC) was a strategist and army commander. Through his actions, the Roman Empire suffered several heavy defeats; at the Battle of Cannae in 216 BC, Rome was close to ruin. Hannibal is considered the greatest and most successful general of antiquity.

Over the Alps is the official Punic Wars scenario supplement for Age of Hannibal. This PDF covers the 15 most famous battles of all three Punic Wars. Each historical scenario has been researched with primary and secondary source material, including tabletop maps and orders of battle for the opposing armies. We've also included rules, tokens, and a stunning campaign map for you to play a grand campaign of linked games!

Fight the battles of the Second Punic War between Carthage and Rome. Each campaign is themed around battles between Hannibal's armies and their cunning opponents in the four geographical regions of Italy, Spain, Sicily and Africa. Hannibal's inspired tactics and leadership made him one of Rome's most dangerous enemies and possibly the greatest general of all time. Can you match his achievements on the battlefield

- High Definition Ancient Era Graphics.- 7 Mission 'Tutorial' campaign ending with a unique skirmish battle.- 4 Mission 'Sicily' campaign, featuring battles from the First Punic War, including the battle of Bagradas.- 8 Mission 'Italy' campaign featuring the decisive battles of Lake Trasimene and Cannae.- The 'Africa' and 'Spain' campaigns are available via in-app purchase.- All missions, except the tutorial, can be played as both sides.- 38 Unique Ancient units including Roman Hastati, Spanish Scutarii, Bolt Throwers and Elephants.- Four classes of infantry: Raw, Average, Veteran and Elite.- Detailed Combat Analysis.- Flank Attacks- Strategic Movement.- Hours of Gameplay.

One of the most famous in history, the conflict demonstrated the tactical genius of great rival generals Scipio and Hannibal. Can you recreate their remarkable strategies, or can you do better How will you change history

The major powers of the time, Rome and Carthage, begin at loggerheads but with a number of key regions and client states under their control. Syracuse, the Arevaci and the Lusitani all start with a single region, offering a significantly different and more formidable challenge than playing as one of the two great empires.

Hannibal at the Gates adds two new Historical Battles: the Battle of Cannae (216BC) and the Battle of Zama (202BC). Both battles marked key points in the 2nd Punic War, with Cannae representing the high point of Hannibal's invasion of Italy, and Zama marking the completion of Rome's victory and dominance over Carthage.

Meet famous historic characters along your way! Fight strategic battles side by side with Caesar. Discover traditions of the mysterious Egypt together with Cleopatra. Research new technologies with Einstein and use science to advance your city. Your smart leadership and strategic skills will determine how fast your civilization develops. Choose the best tactics to lead your people to honor. Witness the Rise of Cultures!

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