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Episode 20.14 Movie In Italian Dubbed Download __TOP__

So you really wanna watch this series from overseas, but only if there's voice acting available in English (or whatever your native tongue may be). So you click and you click away and... well, you're out of luck, because only a portion of the whole series has been dubbed in your native language. Heck, you might consider yourself fortunate if the remaining episodes are so much as subbed. But if not, then watching the dub is going to be an enormous waste of emotional investment.

Episode 20.14 Movie In Italian Dubbed Download

On January 26, 2019 at the Steven & Mewni Fest in Moscow, voice actors Larisa Brokhman and Dmitry Filimonov were present. Filimonov, who is also the dubbing director, revealed at the panel that every episode up until 152 was dubbed, including the other ones that weren't aired at all and, according to him, would never air on Russian television.[24]

On June 5, 2022, during a YouTube stream organized by fellow actor Dmitry Cherevatenko, Dmitry Filimonov revealed that the movie and all of Steven Universe Future were fully dubbed in February 2022, and that he does not know when or whether any of these might release.[25]

On September 5, 2022, Russian audiotracks for episodes 149-152, the movie and several episodes of Steven Universe Future (11 out of 20) were obtained via HBO Max by gaining acsess to its code that contains information about available international audiotracks.

On March 8, 2022, with the release of HBO Max in Bulgaria, the episodes 74, 83 and 86 were finally premiered after 6 years of being already dubbed. On April 26, 2022, the episodes 109, 146-148, 151-152-157-160 were later added on HBO Max, the episodes 149-150 were added on August 7, 2022. The episodes 140-141 haven't been added yet.

The only time they dubbed this ending was on episode 70, with the part "Nothing Like You". Any other part was left undubbed, it is unknown why they dubbed it only there.Singer: ???

In China, the show was localized as Chāonéng Yǒngshì (超能勇士, "Super-Powerful Warriors") and released in a good-quality dubbing by the People's Art Theatre of Liaoning. It was very successful on the TV station and once won a very high audience rating. Like the Japanese dub, Season 2 and Season 3 episodes were also merged into one season called Chāonéng Yǒngshì: Jīnshǔ Biàntǐ (超能勇士金属变体, "Super-Powerful Warriors: Transmetals"). Neither title included "Transformers", leaving some of the audience unaware that this was a sequel to their childhood. Following the Chinese release of Beast Machines, the People's Art Theatre of Liaoning re-dubbed the show with character names changed into the Chinese translation of Beast Machines, I.E. changing the name of Optimus Primal from Hēixīngxīng Duìzhǎng (黑猩猩队长, "Captain Chimpanzee") to Xīngxīng Jiāngjūn (猩猩将军, "General Gorilla"). 350c69d7ab


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