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Bloody Rondo Game Download English 104

after the announcement of the rondo series on the official site, all of the episodes were put on a hiatus, except for this one. with the initial announcement having been in october last year, january of this year was a very long time to not release any episodes. so we here at bloody-disgusting decided to start up the series again with this one. you'll understand why it took so long!

Bloody Rondo Game Download English 104

this is an episode focused mainly on showcasing some of the games that haven't been covered by bloody-disgusting and game-spot recently, such as persona 4 golden and earthbound. game play footage for some of these games has already been uploaded, but since they haven't been fully dubbed yet, they won't be included in this episode.

the newly added voice overs at the start of goldeneye 007 are pretty damn awesome, and stand out more than any of the text dialogue. the dynamic sound effects are awesome too, like the whir of boris jumping, the gunshots from 007, and the camera clicking when bond leaps off the truck. the music is pretty decent too, with the 007 theme

it'd take me longer to write than it took me to play this game. this is probably the most perfect game that i've ever played, and i've played a lot. it's more stylized and unique than the other games in the bond series, and i can't wait to play the rest.

apparently the nes version had some gameplay issues as well. this game pulls for the genesis by far. the game seems pretty easy to play. it's got a lot of depth, and might be a little confusing at times.

in that year, kevin was under contract to general howard when (under the guise of a regular employment in the military), he had lured the avengers away from their clan to join him for one day. when howard was preparing his army to invade the avengers' home territory, the avengers ambushed him and retreated, escaping howard's super-soldier serum.


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