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french windows can usually be opened either horizontally or vertically, but they are usually designed to be opened vertically, as they can often be more opening than closing. they have a similar function to a french door, and come in various sizes, with the most common sizes being 1800mm, 1200mm and 900mm.

when a french window is located at the front of a property, it is known as a projecting window. when it is located at the rear of a property, it is called a recessed window. the design, which resembles a narrow vertical slot, creates a nice balance with the rest of the house, as they can give the impression of being inside a conservatory.

to secure a french window, the glass is fitted with locks. they can come in a number of different designs, but the most common one is a single lever lock. this is usually composed of a metal loop, which is attached to a hook, which is fixed to a chain. when the chain is pulled, the loop engages the hook, preventing the window from being opened. in some cases, a key lock can be added, which works in the same way.

typically, a single door will be found on the bottom of a french window, so that the swing can be operated by a similar lever. this is called a bottom-hinged window, and it can be opened either horizontally or vertically, depending on the design. bottom-hinged windows are not as common as side-hinged windows, but they can be designed to look beautiful. in fact, there are very few types of french window which are not designed with a bottom-hinged window.

in the 16th century, the french were building their own houses, often in paris or versailles, and they wanted a window system that could be easily repaired and which did not require a person to climb to the top of the wall, through the roof, or drop down a ladder to access the window from the outside. 3d9ccd7d82


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