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Medal Of Honor: Airborne

In the game's main campaign, players assume the role of a fictional paratrooper working alongside other members of an American airborne division, to complete a series of objectives within each of the campaign's six missions. The player is given a briefing on each mission's initial objectives, as well as a map of where they will be operating, including the location of heavy enemy concentrations (marked red) and safe landing sites (marked green). In this mode of gameplay, players can equip two main weapons, designated as primary and secondary weapons, and chose what loadout they have before beginning a mission from a selection of Allied and Axis weapons; additional weapons can be unlocked by either taking those dropped by enemy soldiers during a mission or reaching later missions where they become available in. During missions, weapons earn experience from killing enemies, with the amount per kill greatly increased from performing headshots, melee and multiple kills. Once a weapon earns enough experience, it receives an upgrade that improves how effective it is for the player, with upgrades ranging from increased damage, a higher rate of fire, and reduced weapon recoil. Each weapon can be upgraded three times, and has its own set of upgrades; once it is fully upgraded, the weapon's icon on the interface changes to reflects its fully upgraded appearance.

Medal of Honor: Airborne

In the game's multiplayer mode, players work as a team, playing as either Allied or Axis soldiers, over six maps - while the game uses three from the single-player mode, along with another that is scaled down in size, the other two maps are original design. In a match, players begin by choosing what main weapon they begin with - rifle, SMG, auto-rifle, sniper and anti-tank - which is denoted by what role they are in (i.e. for SMG, Allies get the Thompson, while Axis get the MP40), and can scavenge a second main weapon during the match. If a player is killed, they can change what weapon they use before they respawn, though lose the second weapon they scavenged. Matches can be set to one of three modes - Airborne Objective (a variation on the "seize-the-objective" multiplayer mode), Airborne Team Deathmatch, and Team Deatchmatch - with the airborne-based modes utilising Airborne's unique paratrooper aspects of gameplay, in which Allied players can land wherever they want on the map being used, including when they respawn, but are vulnerable during their descent as Axis players can shoot them down.

The plot focuses around Boyd Travers, a U.S. paratrooper, who participates in six different missions. Each one takes place during a different operation, from Operation Husky to bringing down Der Flakturm in Germany. Travers fights alongside the 82nd airborne division and the 17th Airborne, in 'Young Fools' and 'Flying through Hail'.

Get ready to get airborne! Medal of Honor Airborne is set to redefine the series and will change the way shooters are played. For the first time in a first person shooter, players airdrop into combat and land anywhere in an open battlefield. Conflict on the ground offers unprecedented tactical choice in vertical, open battlefields with a wealth of attack routes and flanking opportunities. Medal of Honor Airborne is the newest installment in EA's critically acclaimed Medal of Honor franchise, credited with pioneering the WWII FPS genre when it debuted in 1999. Airborne begins with one of the lesser-known campaigns of World War II. Starting with Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily, players will strap on the boots of a paratrooper in the legendary 82nd Airborne Division and jump out of a transport plane. As outlined in GameSpot's previous coverage, each mission will begin with a harrowing parachute jump. Other missions in the game include Operation Neptune, the airborne component of D-Day, and Operation Varsity, which saw 30,000 soldiers parachuting into Germany in the single largest military airdrop in history. Operation Husky - A joint allied operation into the island of Sicily, Operation Husky follows Boyd Travers and the 82nd Airborne on their first combat jump on July 11, 1943. After securing and sabotaging four anti-aircraft guns, Boyd is sent to rendezvous with a group of Airborne paratroopers at the edge of the village. Here, they run into the German Heer army, who is attempting to recapture the village from the Airborne. Boyd must push to the end of this small hamlet, eliminating Germans along the way, then find a sniper rifle and eliminate the German commander. He's successful, but not before the commander has successfully called in reinforcements. Your ability to determine your own starting point dramatically changes 041b061a72


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